Tea Party Talks: Why Halloween is The Best Holiday

Halloween has always been a favorite holiday of mine….

Well…. maybe not always but it did quickly grow on me in recent years and has become one of my favorite holidays.

To some, this may come as a surprise being that I absolutely despise anything scary. I have never watched a horror movie ever and I never ever plan to watch one. Just the trailers for them on YouTube are enough to send me running for the hills. Heck, I still think that Disney “The Princess and the Frog” animated movie is scary. In short, I’m just a big scaredy kitty.

However, none of that spoopy stuff is enough to scare me away from this awesome holiday! After all, there are so many other things to enjoy besides scary, axe wielding maniacs! And here, I’ll tell you all about some of my favorite Halloween festivities in hopes to convince some of my fellow scaredy kitties on why this holiday can be enjoyed by all!

That being said, I will be approaching this is a way that will keep in the theme of the rest of this blog.  Therefore!  I will not be including any of those normal Halloween things such as pumpykin picking or carving.  Instead, I shall be presenting more of the little details that I have found and personally enjoy a lot, or, if they are a more common thing, then I will tie it into a personal theme of mine and connect it to J-Fashion/Alternative Fashion or anime culture in one way or another.  Oh!  And surprise, surprise, all of these things have somehow ended up being fashion related.  I wonder how that happened.  Hmm…

Haha, well, anyway, I hope you enjoy my rather obscure list of the reasons why I personally find Halloween to be one of the best holidays ever!


1) Dressing up is Fun!

rilakkumakigurumifront__51792.1431617531.1280.1280No matter how old you are, you have to admit, having a socially acceptable day (though, with the way I dress this doesn’t exactly apply) to play dress up is amazing.

Whether you are in it for the nostalgia of playing dress up as a kid or the fun of getting together with a group of friends to do a group costume, there is loads of fun to be had when it comes to dressing up on Halloween.

Another cool thing that I find with dressing up for Halloween is that it can allow people who are into alternative fashion (goth, lolita, fairy kei, punk, ect.), but have never had the courage to make the leap and wear it on the daily, a chance to have a “safe day” to try out the fashion and perhaps introduce others to it.  This does of course come with some negative things, such as it implying that this fashion style is a costume.  The answer to whether this is true or not will vary from person to person, however, I personally believe that while it can be read this way, I think that it’s better that people can be offered a day where they can express themselves in a way that makes them feel safe and comfortable rather than they be driven away from the fashion entirely in fear of what others will think.  Of course, I do think it is wrong for people to wear these fashions on Halloween just to make fun of those who wear it on the daily, but that is a completely different thing.  To me, everything ultimately boils down to reasoning. If you want to wear lolita or some other fashion on Halloween because it makes you feel comfortable and safe, then that is all that matters.  At the end of the day, all that matters is that you feel good about yourself.

Whoo!  Ok, that was a lot.  But hey, all this talk about alt fashion serves as a great transition into my next point!

2) Mainstream Department and Clothing Stores Cool Clothes and Alt Fashion!


I don’t care what anyone says.  Department stores are cool.

In case you didn’t know, I am a very, very small person (I’m just a little taller than 4’10”).  As much as I complain about this, there are several benefits to being this height.  One of them being that I can shop in the children’s section of stores as well as some stores specifically meant for children.  I find these places to be the ultimate jackpot for weird, kitschy, and even some alt fashion clothes.  For example, I went to Target the other day and found this really weirdly cute, tulle slime skirt (shown above).  It perfectly matches a lot of my Halloween socks and does a great job of incorporating more green into my outfits.

Now, I know what you are probably thinking, “but I’m a normal sized person who doesn’t fit into kids clothes”.  Never fear!  For there are cutely tacky stuff to be found for you too!  Just check out this cool sweater from Walmart!


I sadly do not own this awesome sweater (because I live on an island and the Walmart here does not have these in stock), but it does just go to show you that tacky things like this can be found for everyone!

But hey, even if you aren’t into this kind of weird stuff but still into alt fashion, you can still find something for you!  You can find lots of cheap knee-high socks in the Halloween section of Target or Walmart.  Given, they do look pretty costume-y and only come in basic colors (white, black, ect.), but beggars can’t be choosers, right?  And even still, a little altering (snipping off the bad lace, bow, ect.) can go a long way!


Aaaaand that’s a wrap!  Short list today.

It’s not a picks so I can get away with it!  Haha!

Anyhow, I do hope you enjoyed this list and I hope it has inspired you to get more into the Halloween spirit this year, or, at the very least, get you thinking about visiting your nearest department store soon, hehe.

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Otome Amino Challenge: My Type

We all have a “type”.  As much as we try to deny it, we all have a certain type of personality that we are romantically attracted to.  May it be cheerfulness, dominant leadership qualities, or a certain shyness, all of us have a set of characteristics we think of when imagining our dream partner.  Here, I will be sharing what qualities I look for in a partner.

As an otome game player and fangirl fairy myself, I can say that when I play otome games I natrually gravitate towards guys that exhibit qualities that I find attractive.  It’s much easier for me to get attached to a character that’s my type, and that in turn makes it easier for me to appreciate the game.  I am a person that has a tendancy to prefer characters over plot which, obviously, directly effects what I enjoy; whether it be anime or otome.

The idea for this blog post was inspired by 레 몬 .  Her blog post was very well done and she is an amazing writer.  I sincerely hope you enjoy reading this and hopefully learn something about me or maybe even about yourself as you read this.

My Personality:


Not unlike most people, I tend to be rather quiet when I first meet people.  If I don’t know you very well and I am not purposefully trying to put up a “I am polite and nice” face, I would rather not initiate a conversation.  The only exception is if I find you to be an interesting person and I want to learn more about you, but otherwise, I would rather stay in my own little bubble.  Furthermore, I don’t enjoy small talk and find it pretty awkward.  Awkward conversation plus an already awkward me is not a good combination.  However, if someone else is the initiator I would be glad to talk!


You know the 😆 emoji?  Yea, that describes my personality majority of the time when around people I am comfortable with.  I like making cheesy, terrible jokes and hearing about funny stories.  I like fun, playful humor that usual counts as being cheesy enough to make over a hundred orders of extra cheesy nachos.  To those who know me well, I almost always seem to be on a constant sugar high.  Though, it wouldn’t be wrong.


As nice and cheerful I can be, I am actually quite moody with intense and sudden mood swings.  I find my mind set and opinions of things to totally flip upside-down in a matter of minutes, and sometimes my actions and thoughts don’t always match up.  At all.  I can also easily be set off by small things.  For instance, the other day I ended up stabbing a wall with a fork because I ran into it.  I have a hole-y wall now.  Great.


As someone who is one hundred percent Asian and has grown up in a society where if you have even the slightest shred of self-confidence you are branded as arrogant, it is somewhat odd to be as almost totally uncaring about others opinions — about me — as I am.  Don’t get me wrong, if I am given good critisim then I will take it to heart, and I do enjoy praise, however, if someone chooses to dislike or hate me for being me then that’s something that I couldn’t care less about.  If you don’t like me for being me, then sweetheart, that’s a you problem.  Unless it’s an actual problem that is causing harm to either other people or myself, then I’m real sorry, but I actually really like me the way I am and if you don’t, well, that’s not my problem.  However, this also leads to some problems since my pride leaves me unable to simply backdown in a debate.  Furthermore, my pride also causes me to hide things from others with thoughts that I can fix it myself.  Huh…  Maybe I am arrogant.


To me, seeing my partner blush is the cutest thing in the world, and I am not beyond using “dirty” methods to see such a sight.  I like to coddle my partner just as much as I like to flirt and tease them.  I personally prefer to be the one protecting than being protected.  In other words, I would rather be the prince than the princess.

My Dream Partner:

A Daydreamer/Mysterious:

I like people who have an air of mystery around them.  People who hold an air of detachment from this world are interesting to me and this opens up windows for me to come out my bubble a bit and talk.  Daydreamers also bring up interesting ideas and thoughts that open up a whole new type of conversation.  I would much prefer only a couple deep and meaningful conversations with my lover over a hundred meaningless conversations, and a mysterious daydreamer can easily provide that.


As I have already addressed, I am a rather… difficult person to be around — to put it lightly — so to have someone who is willing to be patient with me is a big thing I look for in a partner.  As much as my pride wants me to appear as anything but a “damsel in distress”, I am also human and sometimes need to be saved as well.  Having someone who is observant enough to be able to tell when I’m lying is also a huge plus because then I would be caught before I truly fell off the edge and swallowed alive by lies.


People who have something that they are extremely passionate about are extremely attractive to me.  Listening to someone I like talk so passionately about something they love — even if I don’t really care for the subject — makes my heart swell.


As I have already addressed, I enjoy coddling my partner, and seeing the shy, cute blush on their face is the thing I live for.  I admit to being a complete tease and a true flirt, so I think a shyer person would be the best fit for me.

My Type:

Bunta Kurimaki:

Bunta is an absolute sweetheart that really represents all that I look for in a partner.  He is always trying to care for you in any way he can even though he is sweet, little cinnamon bun that is new to love.  He also has a knack for being able to tell whenever you are lying from paying endless attention to you.  Furthermore, his childish nature and passion for photography are truly adorable and extremely attractive to me.

Well, I guess it’s official, my standards are way too high.
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