Beijing’s Picks: Lolita Dream Dress Edition

Prints like these are what keep me from declaring myself a sweet lolita.

I mean, yes, I am completely all for sweet, candy prints, and yes, I do like my bright, bubble gum pinks.  But still, I cannot resist the mysterious and spoopy allure of gothic prints.

However, I digress, the topic on what my fashion identity is must wait for another post, (possibly the next one?  Wink wonk) for today, I bring you yet another Beijing’s Picks!  As you already know, today’s topic is dream dresses.

If you are a member of the lolita, or possibly any other J-Fashion, community, then you are probably familiar with the term.  But, for you little buns that just so happened to stumble into here, a dream dress is a term used by lolitas to describe a dress that is high up on their wish list.  It can be compared to a car collector having a particular brand or style of car that they have their eye on and is saving up for.  Or it can be likened to an avid anime fan searching the internet for a particular figurine.  Really, it can be applied to anyone with a passion for something.

Here, I have compiled a small list of my top three dream dresses.  Well, sort of.  What do I mean by that?  Well, like many lolitas, or people into fashion in general, I have certain preferences on prints, styles, motifs, and colors.  I personally have a soft spot for any of Angelic Pretty’s “wonder” prints (ie. Wonder Party, Wonder Queen, Wonder Memories, ect.) or any dress with Alice in Wonderland motifs.  This, of course, is only natural.  However, it would be rather boring to read a favorites list where all the items were the same.  So, I created a short list of rules for myself to follow when compiling this list.

  1. The prints must all have different motifs (for example, two dresses with a cookie print is a no-no)
  2. I cannot own the print in question (I only own one brand JSK(jumperskirt) anyway so this is not difficult.  (I am just a lil’ baby sorry >~<))
  3. Only dresses (JSKs and OPs(one pieces)) are allowed. (This is because I am way too obsessed with jackets, coats, and capes…)

And that’s all the rules!  Real simple right?  Great!  Now that we’ve established all that, we can finally begin!


3) Secret Hospital for Dolls in Black by Baby the Stars Shine Bright


As I have already stated in the introduction to this blog post, prints like these are what keep me from going full sweet.

Halloween has always been a favorite holiday of mine.  Despite never watching a horror movie in my life, and having no desire to ever watch one, I still absolutely adore the creepy-cute things that come out in mainstream stores (Macy’s, Target, Walmart, ect.) during that specially spoopy time of the year.  I adore everything from the little black cats to the slightly disturbing creepiness of porcelain dolls.  And this new JSK by BTSSB perfectly reflects that.

The eeriness of the deathly pale dolls set against the spoopy cityscape of the ideal “Halloweentown” perfectly contrasts the cute ruffles and curls adorning the dolls.  With a simple style and shape, this JSK does an excellent job at putting the focus on the beautiful print.  Such a dress is truly a work of art.

2) Cherry Berry Bunny in Pink by Angelic Pretty

img_5554From BTSSB to AP, black to pink, gothic to sweet, new to old, this dress and the last one could not be more different.

This adorable little cherry bunny OP was release in 2009 (which basically means I will probably never own it…) and is basically my whole branding in a dress.  Cherries?  Check.  Buns?  Check.  Pink?  Check.  Well, it looks like AP beat me to the punch here.

While my style does tend jump around more than an excited little bun bun, I do always find myself back where I started with the cute, fluffy pink frills.  This dress represents everything that I hope to be.  A cute, fluffy, and happy bun bun.

1) Wonder Cookie in Sax by Angelic Pretty


Picking this beauty out of all of AP’s beautiful “wonder” prints was probably the most difficult decision in my entire life.

Alice in Wonderland, or Alice’s Adventure’s in Wonderland if you want to be all formal, has held a special place in my heart for a very long time now.   Alice in Wonderland (the animated one) is my favorite Disney movie, Lewis Carrol’s Alice’s Adventure’s in Wonderland is my favorite book ever (yes, I have read the original novel), and, as you may know if you read my blog post on why otome games and anime shouldn’t mix, “Alice in the Country of Hearts” is my favorite otome game ever.  So, really, it would only be natural that I would be attracted to the absolutely stunning and adorable “wonder” dresses done by AP.

It took me quite a while to decide on which dress was my favorite.  After all, they are all beautiful, and if not for the rules I set in place for myself, all the dresses on here would be “wonder” dresses.  However, after much thought, I finally settled on Wonder Cookie OP in sax.

While this is not exactly the most wonderland inspired dress made by AP, I do believe that this OP is the one that best captures the look of Alice’s dress.  Furthermore, I think that the little cookie buttons are absolutely adorable and quite accurately represent the cookies shown in the Disney film.  I don’t particularly like Alice too much (I am more of a Cheshire sort of girl), but this dress makes me want nothing more than to blindly follow a bun down a rabbit hole.


And that’s it!  Whoo, well that was quite the journey.

You know, I never exactly realized how hard my style is to define until now.  I guess that’s what happens when you actually sit down and create a visual representation of the things buzzing around in your brain.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this list!  Why don’t you tell me what dream dresses you got your eye on in the comments?  I look forward to reading all about them!

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